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Massabesic Filly Lacrosse is a developmental program for girls, grades K thru 6th, who reside in the Massabesic RSU 57 District.  The emphasis of this program is to develop skills and an understanding of the rules of lacrosse in a positive learning environment, promoting teamwork, sportsmanship and a love of the sport.  We also offer an extra option, a traveling team (open to all players) that will play games on the weekend (mostly Sunday afternoons) against teams from other towns / districts.


This group will have 7-8 sessions with our program and will be once a week.  Each player will receive a shirt and each session will include skill development and learning the game through small area games.  It will be a great and fun learning environment for your child.  The cost will be $35 for the 7-8 Sessions.

1-6 Grade

This group will be broken into three Groups (1/2 Grade, 3/4 Grade, 5/6 Grade) and be working with their coaches within the group.  They will receive 14-16 sessions, twice a week, and receive a shirt.  The first session will be designed to improve their skill development, whereas the second session will include game play within our organization.  The cost will be $75 for the 14-16 Sessions.

1-6 Travel Team

This group is in addition to the skill session already mentioned.  They will do the one skill session per week and one team practice per week and will have games against other towns on the weekend.  We will be looking to get 10-12 games for each team.  The teams are 1-2(new); 3-4 grade and 5-6 grade.  The cost will be $150 and includes the skill sessions as well.

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